VOTE! Mathis for Mayor for the city of San Dimas

VOTE! Mathis for Mayor for the city of San Dimas

VOTE! Mathis for Mayor for the city of San DimasVOTE! Mathis for Mayor for the city of San DimasVOTE! Mathis for Mayor for the city of San Dimas

God Family USA and the People of San Dimas 

2020 Mathis Platform

San Dimas First, More Power to the People. Less Government. Less Taxes. We Can Live The American Dream.

 I am running for Mayor to help the people and make the changes that we deserve. I am seeking to help businesses prosper and accomplish their endeavors through resolving problems side by side. Together we can reclaim the American dream. 

I, Bobby Mathis, am running for mayor because I feel called to aid and advocate for the constituents of San Dimas. I am dedicated to finding ways to cultivate a healthy relationship between the government and the people. I believe this can be done by shifting to less government, less taxes, and giving more power to the people. There needs to be a stronger commitment between City hall to serve the people. As the Mayor, I would deliver a real promis to serve the people. Not just words and Imagination.
I come from a family with a background in construction, architecture, and land development. My father was a genius problem solver who was passionate about serving this San Dimas community, and I’ve personally sought to do my own part as well. I built my own home from the ground up and have headed several different remodels, and these experiences have shaped my desire to serve the community in order to spare them the aggravation I have experienced when it comes to pulling permits. it should not take bankruptcy, or an act of Congress to pull permits to live the American dream. I am so proud of my father‘s legacy, to drive around San Dimas, and see homes he has personally built, memories of him Serving people working with him.
I have always had a heart for service. I have spent years as a working musician, studio programming, educator and traveled the world playing bass, and have had a recording studio in LA Holly Wood area where I produce and program music. I have also taught the Bible to fifth graders at Calvary Chapel, dedicated time reading to the elderly in convalescent homes, letting them know that The Bible means! Basic instructions before leaving earth! 🙏🏽and made trips to Skid Row to feed the homeless. More recently, I have been an assist little league coach right here in San Dimas, the same field I played in 40+ years ago. I have dedicated my life to serving others, so it would be my greatest honor to serve the people as Mayor of San Dimas, you would have a true commitment and true leadership, dedicated to serve San Dimas and The needs of the people would be priority.
My commitments would include working with people, networking, problem-solving, taking initiative action, multi-tasking, and idealizing and accomplishing great things.
My plans for San Dimas include prioritizing safety first, regarding traffic reevaluation, lighting for our parks, public spaces, green spaces, coyote control, and measures to protect our children’s schools. I want to change California’s policies to support the people and businesses through improving taxes, by supporting the small businesses to flourish. I plan to take steps to dedicate a network to help bring an end to the homeless crisis and encourage a mutually beneficial relationship between our young people and our Advanced teenagerscommunity 65+ members. San Dimas needs balance, so we need to make sure both our quiet, green, spaces, and the more busy downtown provide safe opportunities for the community to come together to bond, network, and interact.
I believe that with God all things are possible, we can be successful through love, respect, trust, and good relationships between city Hall and constituents. I will fight agents unscrupulous controlling policies, rules that are confused laws, dominating are constitutional American dreams. I truly have San Dimas people’s best interest! Please consider to Vote Bobby Mathis for Mayor. My greatest honor would be to serve the constituents of San Dimas. Putting the people first


Kids in the classroom need to be protected! As a father with kids in schools, I believe it is imperative to immediately look into taking precautions to be on guard for any attacks on our schools. As Mayor I would look into special units, extra cameras, and increased monitoring to protect both the children and the teachers.

Due to unnatural traffic growth, San Dimas needs an overall traffic reevaluation to guarantee our safety. As Mayor, I would consider more traffic signals and stop signs to protect the community. It has also become a necessity that we upgrade our intersections and crosswalks, adding crossing guards at all school districts.

I would also like to address the safety of our local parks by looking into proper lighting for safety purposes.  It is imperative to invest in the upcoming generations and insure their enjoyment of our city's great spaces for outdoor activities.  

San Dimas City parks need lighting safety reasons we’ve got coyotes and we are under the threat of our animals being attacked lighting is necessary for the parks also for the children and the parents wanting to utilize during the evening simply need a balance.  


California is suffering from bad policies and bad regulations! People are moving from California. Businesses are moving from California. As a result, California is experience tax issues. As Mayor, I would like our tax base to raise to allow businesses to flourish and provide more opportunities for people to work within our city while taking every opportunity to Vote to even lower taxes. California is victimizing its own people by making it strenuous for survival by raising taxes due to unscrupulous laws and faulty policies. 

San Dimas City Priorities


As mayor I would deal with the coyote situation like a military operation.

Records show that coyotes have become more aggressive and not afraid of people. I personally have lost the three cats and six chickens to coyote attacks.

As mayor, I would delegate a network of people to trap coyotes and do whatever is necessary to protect the constituents of San Dimas. This problem needs to be addressed immediately as I feel this has become a neglected issue within the city of San Dimas. We need protection, and so do your pets!

No on Socialism

Socialism is a great deception that has been driven by greed and entirely undermines the hardworking nature of the American dream. Socialism defies the core ideals of what it is to be an American.  As Mayor, I would like to challenge that ideology and defend our constitutional rights by ensuring that our hard work is accounted for and rewarded rather than unethically squandered.  

My father was an architect and a contractor and worked every day of his life. My mother spent her days working at the Church and retired from her work at the Post Office. They have provided a great example to myself and my seven siblings of what it truly means to be a hard working, family-supporting, American. I am very thankful to God for giving me the ability to provide for my own family. 

San Dimas School District

Our local schools need to work on the core fundamentals of a proper education. They should focus on math, reading, writing, science and history. As Mayor, I would aggressively defend our constitutional freedoms to value and protect the minds of our children. I would also like to address the ways in which the corrupt government tries to hold us hostage with their overbearing agendas. 

Homelessness. Identifying the problem.

The homeless crisis is something I am very passionate about. For many years, I worked at a church in LA and dedicated my life to feeding the homeless on Skid Row. As well, I have taught homeless and low income children music lessons and helped the elderly residents at convalescent homes in their final stages of life. I worked with homeless individuals suffering from mental illnesses or drug addictions and walked alongside them on their road to recovery, pointing them toward resources suitable for their situations.

The homeless crisis is completely out of control. As Mayor, I would make sure that all funds were handled with integrity and accountability to make sure that this issue is addressed and nothing is misappropriated. I believe we need public accountability to monitor and record those accounts.

First, it is important to identify any underlying issues at hand. Whether it be drugs, mental illnesses, unemployment, or financial crisis, I would develop a network of people to dedicate themselves to ensuring this problem is properly resolved. This is a group effort as we strive to resolve this crisis and protect all those involved. This has to be dealt with legally, but if properly executed, these measures would not only add to the safety of this city, but create job opportunities as well. 

There are a list of shelter spaces ministries facilities for drug and mental crisis that we can  delegate and direct the homeless with love and respect.

Advanced teenagers 😊Elderly - Break the generational divide

I want to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our younger people and our elderly community members. As Mayor, I want to accomplish this goal by encouraging an exchange that encourages growth of the arts in colleges and local schools along with providing entertainment for the elderly. Several years ago I had a ministry reading the Bible to the elderly. So often, our elderly community is forgotten, so it is important to me to focus on community driven opportunities, outreaches, and events to ensure their inclusion. As a professional musician and a music educator, this would create a great opportunity for an audience that could appreciate the development of the arts among  our youth, thus building relationships with a generation that Has so much wisdom. 

Permits in San Dimas

My family business was architecture and construction, so I understand the difficulties and the politics involved with building and construction in the city of San Dimas. Instead of criticizing the city, I would like to be part of the resolution to create ethical relationships between the city government and the constituents of San Dimas. 

I have my personal disputes with city government. I would like to be a Mayor who bridges a trust with our government by ensuring integrity and comes to the rescue of people who have been overlooked or neglected. It is easy to get lost, and our community should not have to live in fear of laws and regulations.  

As Mayor, I feel my calling in life is to help the homeowner successfully go through the city process to accomplish their goals and live the American dream. There are many challenges in life, and nothing is more frustrating that living in uncertainty. The cost of living has become extremely high, so I would like to help the homeowners and business owners of San Dimas by encouraging the City Hall to become more people-friendly and more conducive to its community as a whole. As Mayor, I understand the importance of ensuring that people can have the chance to accomplish all their construction needs. 

Green space



we need to keep green space, such as parks and respect Natural areas in San Dimas and creat more.

NO Concret Jungle

even smaller green areas have a huge impact. being smart and responsible regarding the green space. 


price of production should not be an excuse for recklessly demolishing wild life. look at secondary options


respecting the animals that exist in our community. leaving green areas for them to enjoy.

Ideas Regarding Green Space

I would as Mayor want to keep accountability to respect the public view regarding options in Constrution for green space. we need as a community be able to walk are dogs and kids to areas in san dimas to Chill relax! and for get about the electronics! 

memories at the worm park.

Glad stone and San Dimas ave. the worm park! My Mom and Dad would stop off at the! what we called the worm park. and play! never forget my six sisters running around that little park having fun.. we need to be creative and work togather and find opportunitie and options for parks for the next generations to come. as Mayor I would love to find another worm park area for options to go to for the amazing people of San Dimas. 

bobby mathis

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Bobby bass mayor at your service.


city hall needs a bass player as mayor. 4 police offers Great! But  a Artist is pretty much need. 😂


Talking about coyotes


connecting with people! spoke about the coyotes 

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wanting San Dimas business to expand grow bigger create more jobs

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reaching out to amazing peopled strategizing resolution regards to coyote problems 

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my gift from God would be to help people be successful. 

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made in america USA Bobby Mathis for Mayor! 

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made in america USA Bobby Mathis for Mayor1 

down town San Dimas Suport


made in america USA Bobby Mathis for Mayor1 

down town San Dimas Suport


made in america USA Bobby Mathis for Mayor1 .

down town San Dimas Suport


made in america USA Bobby Mathis for Mayor1 

2020 Mathis for Mayor

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2020 Mathis for Mayor 

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Mathis for Mayor


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Mathis for Mayor


San Dimas support Bobby Mathis for Mayor

Mathis for Mayor


San Dimas support Bobby Mathis for Mayor

Mathis for Mayor


San Dimas support Bobby Mathis for Mayor

Mathis for Mayor


San Dimas support Bobby Mathis for Mayor

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